27k1 ISMS Installation

LAST UPDATED: 20 July 2020

Prerequisites for installing the 27k1 application

Windows 10 Build 1809 or higher is required, you will receive a PARSE ERROR if your machine is of a lower build.

8 Gig Memory.

The app is digitally signed with a GlobalSign certificate, you will not receive any certificate security warnings, if a warning is received please immediately contact support@27k1.com


Sideloading is the ability to install modern Windows 10 applications which are not provisioned from the Microsoft store.

The latest builds of Windows 10 are configured by default to allow signed apps to be installed from the 27k1.com website.

If you wish to check this setting go to Settings / Update & Security and select Sideload apps.


The Sideload apps setting should be configured in Group Policy, your IT support will need to configure this for each user of 27k1 ISMS.

Install 27k1 ISMS from our website

Click this link to Install 27k1 ISMS

After clicking the install hyperlink, you are presented with this dialog, click Install.

Access to your credentials are required to enable the app to audit certain transactions for your internal use only.

The app starts to install.

Enter your license key.

When 27k1 ISMS opens accept any requirements to access your credentials which are required for auditing ISMS transactions within the app.

Your credentials are not sent to 27k1 Ltd or any third parties.

SQL Database configuration

Enter your non administrator Azure SQL Database credentials and click Test Connection

If successful, close and re-open the app

27k1 ISMS is now connected to the Azure SQL Database and you are ready to go by following the steps in Getting Started within the app.