LAST UPDATED: 20 February 2024

How to install the 27k1 RMS application

Installation prerequisites

Windows 10 Version 2004 Build 19041 or higher is required, you will receive a PARSE ERROR if your machine is of a lower build. The app is fully supported on Windows 11.

Minimum 8 Gig Memory - 16Gb preferred.

Connection to a domain is the preferred method to protect the license key from misuse, other fall-back methods are available please refer to this link License key security

The 27k1 RMS application is digitally signed with a GlobalSign certificate, you will not receive any certificate security warnings, if a warning is received immediately contact


The following URLs require to be whitelisted on your firewall.

License key - Port 443

The CryptoLens API is essential for the application to function, the 27k1 application is protected with scope based access tokens for all API calls to the CryptoLens licensing system.

App updates

The 27k1 application checks the 27k1 web server's security certificate to ensure the update package is installed from a valid subdomain i.e. "". A security certificate is exclusively assigned to this subdomain.

Installation packages

IT professionals may need to carry out first time installation from their local servers.  To accommodate this requirement the installation packages are available for download from this link.

Step 1. Download the app installer file.

Click this link to download the 27k1 RMS installer file

After clicking the "Download and  install the 27k1 RMS application" button  your browser will open.

The file will be downloaded to you Downloads folder

Open the file to start the installation

If the application fails to install it recommended to download the Full installation package

Step 2 - Install the 27k1 ISMS from the downloaded file.

Double click the downloaded "27k1App.appinstaller" file.

A message may show which requires a file association with the Microsoft Store App Installer.

Select the "App Installer" to open the file and the install dialog will be presented, which is shown below.

- Select Install.

After clicking the install button, answer "Yes" to any access request prompts

Step 3 - Enter your license key

Enter the license key provided in the email you received when your account was opened.

Click "Register your key"

If the key is accepted, click "Close", you are then presented with the database configuration page.


Step 4 - Connect the 27k1 RMS to an SQL Server data source

The 27k1 RMS can be also be connected to a SQL Server (Express) 2019 or above data source. 27k1 recommends Azure SQL Database which can be configured with MFA or Managed Identity.

Click "Configure Database" and the dialog opens.

There are several types of Authentication, choose the type which best fits your IT Security policies.

Enter the database name and server name which are obtained from your Azure portal SQL Database / Connection strings.

Click "Connect"

If successful, close and re-open the app.

The 27k1 RMS is now connected to the Azure SQL Database and you are ready to start PCI DSS v4.0 Assessments.